About Dawn Of Truth

IMG_5101Welcome to DawnOfTruth.com and thank you for visiting my blog.

Dawn Of Truth is a reflection of my own journey of discovery and search for Freedom.

It is my hope that those out there also looking for freedom can find some help, inspiration and encouragement from my blog.

Freedom comes in many shapes and sizes:

Financial Freedom – Without this we can do nothing. Despite how big our goals may be we need the financial freedom in order to pursue our goals and not be held down by worry and a survival mindset chained to a 9-5 existence.

Physical Freedom – We are lucky enough to have an amazing body capable of feats of strength and flexibility most of us can only dream of. But why dream? We can do it and should start today!

Mental Freedom – How can we truly enjoy a life and be free if our mind is in chains bound to negativity or experiences from long ago. Unless we are free in our thinking then we are simply robots following our ingrained habits.

This is the journey……Financial, Physical and Mental Freedom.

During this process, I will be posting my ongoing discoveries and adventures which are all are born out of the central theme of Freedom – To live life on my own terms.

About Me

My name is Simon and I escaped the 9-5 existence in 2008 when I had enough of being chained to a desk, working all hours and still not having any money.

Ever since I was young I have been looking to be free, training in martial arts, meditation, going off traveling on my own as a youngster, the 9-5 was a means to make my real life possible.

But bit by bit the 9-5  life expected more, that’s when the decision was made. Within 6 weeks I sold everything I could and moved to Taiwan.

My goal has been how can I continue to learn and discover while still making a good living? How can I release myself from the chains of a 9-5 existence and see the world? Well join me on the journey and see how I tackle the various challenges so that I can manifest the lifestyle I want and deserve.

About Dawn Of Truth
Omei Shan – Climbing the Famous Mountain of Omei/Emei in 2003.

I welcome those who find this information useful to keep in touch via the comments or the Facebook and G+ communities.