Dawn Of Truth: 2017 Goals

Hello everyone and a Happy New Year to you all.

I thought it was about time to give a little update on my personal journey as after all this blog is about my journey to freedom in all its manifestations….Mentally, Physically and Financially.

So what follows is a brief update on what was achieved in 2016 and my plans for 2017.

2016 Review

Dawn Of Truth was born in 2016 and from some vague ideas has managed to attract quite a lot of traffic.

A big part of this was my 90 Days Speak Chinese Challenge. At the time of writing  my video (below) with Chinesepod has over 7500 views! Now in the world of youtube that may not be a lot and I am sure there are school kids with more views and subscribers. But it is still a pleasant surprise that so many people have been so interested in what I have been doing AND actually enjoying it. The feedback has been really nice and extremely positive.

None of this would have been possible without the team at Chinesepod and all my language exchange partners.

Just a tiny sample from you tube, I also received emails about whether I would continue language videos and perhaps make a series.  How nice is that, people took the time to write and ask that.

I also was fortunate enough to speak with some amazing people, who were kind enough to do an interview with me and allow me to ask all manner of questions…big thanks to everyone involved.

If you haven’t read these interviews then here they are:

Persian Yoga – Kashi Azad

Mr Master Key – With Helmar Rudolph

Kali Majapahit – With Fred Evrard

This brings us onto my goals for this year….

Goal 1 – Speak Chinese

Continue my journey in speaking Chinese. I only scratched the surface in my last challenge and after it finished I must admit I did have a little break 🙁

So my mission is to discipline myself and get back to my daily routine of study. Thankfully Glossika released a scheduler to be able to choose how long you want to spend and how deeply you wish to go into the language.  You can see my post on it here.

So this challenge will be a 5 Month Mandarin Challenge.

Goal 2 – Wealth

Financial Freedom! I have been making good progress in this regard. But this year needs to be in the words of Grant Cardone 10X! To do this I need to do things I haven’t done before, take steps outside my comfort zone and  dare to dream bigger.

This has been made easier by joining several communities that surround me with like minded people. All wanting to grow and  be the best they can be and that includes financially.

EDIT: After testing out the training in these FOREX groups I think the only group I can recommenced right now is the Royal Collective.  So have removed other groups I previously mentioned – 8th Feb 2017.

Another group I have been extremely inspired by is the Royal Collective. Founded by Adam Lord a 22 year old who has done more in his 22 years than most of us ever do in 3x the time.

What I like most about this group is not the Forex that they teach for free as I trade using the Shark strategy from Market Sharks and robots but the idea behind the collective is what I love, this is Freedom, Fortune and Family.

Say that back to yourself Freedom, Fortune and Family. We all want it, this group is all about the collective and building something that will last and be worth millions (if not more) by the time our children are grown.

This is a big vision and many people talk a big plan, but Adam and the Royal Collective are actually doing it for the benefit of all.

You can hear a brilliant interview with Adam here on 52 Traders. Well worth the listen I think as it sheds light on the amount of self work Adam has done to get where he is and the amount of work he continues to do on himself in order to move the collective forward.

Okay back to my goals.

Goal 3 – Super Human Strength

Okay so I might be exaggerating slightly but this is an area I need to improve upon. My conditioning and mobility is pretty good but when I see videos like this I realize how far I have to go.

I had planned on going through Convict Conditioning but found it was not great for my mobility (maybe a personal thing) plus pretty boring. So I thought as the financial goals manifest why not go to someone I have seen doing inspiring things online for years…Steve Atlas. If I can get my legs to look like Steve’s arm then I will be a happy man. More than that I want to learn control, handstands, single handstand etc balanced with strength all communicated with clarity.

Here is Steve Atlas in action showing why he fits what I am looking for.

No guarantee Steve will even accept as a student but we will see, its good to have goals and motivating to see what is possible.

I won’t be pursuing this until later in the year. But expect to see handstands and some impressive ( I hope) movement skills combined with good strength by the end of the year. Watch this space.

Summing It Up

So in addition to working on these goals you will see more interviews and posts covering the areas of Mental, Physical and Financial progress in life.

Main reason for this post is to keep me accountable and to remind me not to waste a single second. Life is short running away like water never to return.

I expect our 2017 to be EPIC.

Market Sharks – Unique Strategy to be profitable in FOREX.

Royal Collective – FREE training in FOREX in order to be part of like minded community building a better future for the whole.

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