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Ethan Michael Carter: Died 8 Times! NDE, The After Life and Meeting Caleb!

This may be a wild blog post for many as today I speak to an old friend about what has been happening in his life over the last year. Honestly if I didn’t know him I might raise my eye brows in doubt at some of what he is saying.

But, I do know him. I do know that this is his honest experience that he is sharing with us and if we stop to listen we can all perhaps learn something.

Before we get to the interview lets set the scene. You can tell from this blog and from this post here on the Rainbow body that I believe there is more to this world than simply paying bills and waiting to die. That in fact miraculous things can happen if we put specific teachings into action.  I have heard of similar experiences to Ethan’s from many people in varied Spiritual, Religous and Meditation traditions.

So there is a Universal process at work ( Disclaimer….In my opinion 😉 ) which operates regardless of race, religion or belief system. With that said please enjoy this interview with Ethan Michael Carter.

DOT: Please tell us about your background and for the sake of honesty how we know each other?

Ethan: My background consists of having more careers in the last few decades, than many have will have in a lifetime! I’ve worked as a tennis coach, driving examiner and school teacher. And in the last few years I’ve also been working as a ghostwriter. How do we know each other… hmmm…. do we know each other? Lol I’m kidding. Yeah, we’ve known each other since the mid 90’s back when we would skip English class to watch Kung fu vids! Which now makes us sounds way older than we wanted to sound!

DOT: Lets get right into the heart of the subject, you have had some amazing experiences. Please tell us how these first came about and how they developed to this point?

Ethan: I had been suffering from brain aneurysms for the last few years. As a result of those aneurysms I had experienced many episodes, and some of these episodes were bad enough to cause ruptures and bleeds on my brain.

These ruptures and bleeds were sometimes also so severe that they caused my organs to shut down and for me to die. In total, these deaths occurred 8 times. Each time I died, I would wake up somewhere else. I would wake up in a huge house that was located on a hillside that overlooked a city below. The area and the city below seemed reminiscent to me of the Hills area of Los Angeles, but were obviously not that. I say that because each time I would leave the house that I woke up at, and explore my surroundings, the inhabitants of the area were definitely not human.

They looked human, had distinct personalities and clothing like humans, but they had two major differences. Firstly they were all around seven feet tall. Secondly their faces consisted of a very bright and piercing white light.

Their eyes, noses, and mouths emanated this intense light; one that was seemed very much like the headlights of a car. On my first few visits (deaths), I felt great fear and discomfort. I would cower as any of these beings even tried to approach me. And I would feel this overwhelming shrinking feeling within as they drew near to me, as if my soul itself was being compressed. In addition, the light that came from them would make my eyes ache and this added to my fear.

But by my 5th visit there, I became accustomed to talking to these beings comfortably, if not casually, as I realized that they meant me no harm. I also learned to address their chest regions as opposed to their faces, which allowed me to avoid looking directly at their light.

DOT: Many traditions describe the transition from life to death and the intermediary, can you talk about the process of getting to your other worldly destination?

Ethan: Yes, death. That would be the succinct answer. I’m sure for other people that have traveled to Other Realms, the process was/ is perhaps a little less extreme. However, I can only speak for myself. And for me I had to die before I first went there.

DOT: Let’s talk about the beings you met in more detail, can you describe their appearance and what they communicated to you? Why did they bring you there?

Ethan: Sure. As I said they looked like people and had their own distinct appearances and personalities. Their height was at first off-putting and so was the light that they emanated. But strangely enough I became more quickly accustomed to their size and light than I would have otherwise imagined.

They talked as we do and their voices were like ours, all for except the fact that their voices resonated with a calm and assuring tone; one that made me feel loved and safe, something that I felt right to my very core. On many of my visits, I would be shown beauty and calmness. I was also shown a better version of myself, a version of myself that was more powerful than what I presently am in our realm. I was told this is what I would become. Each of these beings made me feel as if I belonged and gave me sense of “Home.” It’s not entirely clear as to all the reasons of why I was brought there, however the one thing I am sure of is that they wanted to show me what I was now, compared to what I could be.

DOT: You had repeated visits to the first realm? Then it changed, can you tell us why you think their was a change in your destination?

Ethan: The first seven deaths I had, I went to the house on the hill. For my own reference, I (not so originally) named this place Hilltop. The places I saw in the Other Realm had no names, and I later found out that even the material construct of what I was experiencing was simply formed for my own understanding. You see, our souls and these Other Realms are made of Multiversal source energy. So they have no fixed form, and are fluid in their expression. Also when in the Other Realm, time is very different. Minutes here, can feel like days there. So after having visited Hilltop so many times, I had become very familiar and accustomed to not only my surroundings there, but also the inhabitants. This continued until my eighth and most recent death.

Following that death, I did not wake up in Hilltop. Instead I woke up by a brook that was located by some mountains; there was also a waterfall there that flowed powerfully; so powerfully that the sound of it still seems to make my ears ring with nostalgic fervor.

The surroundings were open and expansive; the land remained untouched from any construction of houses or buildings. I called this place Watergarden. The change in destination at first was unclear. However I later found out that the change in locale was due to that fact that I needed to learn more about the Multiverse. I was also told that my fears and weaknesses from this realm, needed to be addressed. And man oh man, were they…

DOT: Now for the main event! You met a being who wasn’t exactly like the previous beings! In fact it could be said he was the opposite judging by the first meeting. What can you tell us about the first meeting and your relationship with this being?

Ethan: I think I could describe this meeting in one word “Pain.”
The other meetings with beings in the Hilltop area of the Other Realm were calm and peaceful, like a vacation.

However my first meeting with this being; one that called himself Caleb, was anything but peaceful. I was met by a 7 foot tall being that wore a black T-shirt, unbuttoned black and white plaid half sleeve shirt, and blue jeans with black work boots.

He was well muscled and his white skinned forearms were decorated by a mix of scars and black tribal tattoos. His brown hair was of medium length, and past the piercing white light of his eyes and mouth, I noticed his face sported an unkempt browny-grey beard. His voice was deep and raggedy, and he had an American accent. And his demeanor had a default setting of “Mean.”Caleb greeted me on our first meeting with a very brutal and very relentless beating; something that scared and shocked me to my very core.

DOT: Those familiar with older traditions will know all about spirit teachers and how many bodies of knowledge are said to come from beings. Can you share any of what you are being taught by this being?

Ethan: Since my original meeting with Caleb on my eighth death. I continue to meet Caleb but in a very different sense. At 3.30am each night I (astral) traveled to meet him at Watergarden.

Caleb taught me how to do this, how to travel there and back without dying anymore. Which to be honest, is a great relief. Each night my training sessions with Caleb are divided into two neat and consistent of halves. The first half is combat. This consists of me learning a Germanic sword art and also hand to hand combat. The sessions are brutal and during them, I often receive a multitude of injuries. In some instances when an injury is too severe for me to carry on (such as being stabbed in the gut) then Caleb will touch that area and a white light engulfs and heals it.

When I return to this realm, the injury is not present, however a “gentle” reminder certainly is, like a cut or bruises. The second half of my training session is one more akin to what I experienced at Hilltop. I sit with Caleb by the brook as he smokes (yes, he smokes) a cigar and teaches me about the Multiverse(s) and educates me on how things like Thought, Belief and Time work.

DOT: Now you have your teacher, what are your plans for the future? How do you plan to proceed now that you have been provided with a personal tutor?

Ethan: I’ve been instructed by Caleb on how to proceed and it can be summed up in the following quote from him “Take what you learn here, and teach others.”
So my plan is to write about my experiences in the Other Realm through articles, interviews like this, and also to write a book that charts my experiences.

DOT: We have heard all about Caleb has to say about your learning and lessons but does he have a message in general to humanity? If he had 3 pieces of advice to give to those reading this article what do you think they would be?

Ethan: Caleb would normally deliver his message in a very direct and foul-mouthed manner, one that would feel soul destroying and would test the limits of your ego and character. But for the purposes of this article/ sanity of your readers who probably are not accustomed to enduring berating and painfully direct lessons like I’ve learnt to do — I’ll distill his message into an easier to swallow pill below:

1. Your thoughts are real things that echo across the Multiverses. So choose them wisely.

2. Everything in life is your fault. Whether it be good or bad, it is your fault. Which is a good thing because accepting this gives you the power to change your present and future.

3. You are both your own Devil and your own Savior. Which means salvation is not found in religious structures and practices, but is instead located and found inside you.

DOT: Finally I would like to ask if there is anything important that I’ve missed and failed to ask? What else would you like to share?

Ethan: Spirituality has been bastardized. We have begun to use spiritual practice as escapism, as opposed to a path of self improvement. Art forms like meditation and the mind expanding study of books and educational material have become the “red wine” of people’s lives. Just as red wine is good for your health in moderation yet requires a healthy lifestyle to truly benefit you; the same can be said of spirituality and spiritual practices. In order to gain the FULL benefit of meditation and spiritual practice, one must also employ the medicine of ACTION into ones life.

There are three (main) sides to ones self: Physical, Mental, Spiritual. Most followers of spiritual practice focus too heavily upon art forms of passive calmness. While it is good to work on the calm of mind and body, we must keep in mind that in this realm we are also physical beings too.

Which means to denounce materialism or materialistic pursuits (as most spiritual practitioners take pride in doing) is actually a divorce from the reality of their own being, on this plane of existence. In this realm we are materialistic by physical design, so therefore we must feed this side of ourselves too.

Which means you don’t have to be a CEO or a spiritual person. In fact a true spiritual person is one that is entrepreneurial and business minded/ is aware of their physical well being and works out/ AND also takes time to read books and meditate etc

DOT: Thank you for sharing this interview with Dawn of Truth! Now if people would like to read more about your experiences and future plans where should they go? How do they contact you?

Ethan: For now, there are three main ways to get access to me/ learn more about what I’m doing. To see the latest on what’s happening you can find me on Twitter @Carter_inc To see my reflections on Other Realm lessons, I suggest you check out my articles on Live More Than You Exist  The third way to get hold of me is through my personal email at

Many thanks to Ethan for spending time answering these questions. Make sure you follow Ethan on his website and social media for more.

Have an opinion on this interview?  Then please share it in the comments and let us know what you think.

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