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Financial Freedom or 50 Years in a Cubicle?

Hey first off if you love your job please move on as this post is not for you, you are extremely fortunate to have found something you love….but if the thought of doing what you do now for the rest of your life causes your teeth to grind and a feeling of dread then read on.

How do we define Financial Freedom?

What a question! My own definition has changed a lot over the years.

From thinking I just need ‘enough’ then progressing to think ah  I actually deserve $2-3 thousand per month.

Then I was introduced to Mr Dan Pena..not in person I don’t have that kind of money….yet. But his whole approach really got me thinking and doing some soul searching.

Did you watch it? Okay maybe that was a bit long so here is a shorter highlight of his thinking.

Here it is:

Now it makes a lot of sense at least to me what Dan says.

But we don’t do it…otherwise we wouldn’t be looking for ways to get the life we want.

Now its easy to say but how do we do it? Well we will cover that in the next stage.

But for now does Dan’s message make you reassess what Financial Freedom for you is? For me it did and I reset my goals. Everything I had previously set up was small, just enough mentality but after immersing my self in Dan’s message and listening to some of Dan’s students like Peter Sage my goals changed and my idea of what Financial Freedom means to me changed.

So the purpose of this first section is not to define Financial Freedom and set it in stone, it is instead to get you to reassess what your idea of it is and if that idea is born out of a ‘just enough, poor me’ mentality or out of ‘I am worth it, I am dynamic’ mentality.

Financial Freedom:The Best Start You Can Get

When I say I searched for a mentor who could hep and guide me…trust me I searched and searched, now I met and was helped by several people informally and after speaking to them they all had one thing in common which was a little extremely interesting to me.

Not only where they all very successful in many different areas of business, not only did they all live life on their own terms but the one thing that stood out and they all pretty much lived their lives by was a simple book.

This book was not a new book it was an old one. Often over looked due to its age. Nope it’s not the Bible or some old scripture from the East.

But trust me it’s gold and I personally believe there is no better start than this book if Financial Freedom is your goal.

That book is ‘Think Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill’. All of the mentors ran their business and their life according to the principles out lined in this little book.

Now I was familiar with this book already, but I had not taken it seriously as I was still looking for the shiny secret with glitter and fireworks.

So I missed it.

Only when I went back and started to read this book seriously KNOWING that what I wanted was spelled out for me inside the book did I get focused and start to digest that book.

If this book was good enough for the Mentors I had approached then it was good enough for me.

Now there is a lot to digest in that book and a definite ‘secret’ for want of a better word to get. But to give you an idea here are Napoleon Hills 10 Rules to Success.

  1.  A definite Purpose, Followed by a Plan, followed by Action. It’s not too important that the plan is sound, because you can always adjust your plan, however it is important that you have a definite purpose.
  2. Get along peacefully with others. Great people always avoid small incident of controversy when possible.
  3. Believe. If you want to achieve something you must form the habit of belief in the possibility of that achievement. Repeat every day the statement of your belief in the possibility of your success.
  4. Take Responsibility. Write down your definite purpose, write down what you intend to give for what you desire and memorize both of your statements. What you desire and what you intend to give for it. Repeat it a dozen time daily and always end with a statement of gratitude for everything you have already been given.
  5. Take Action. You will not get any results from your definite purpose without taking action towards that purpose.
  6. Improve Your Personality. This is your trademark and it’s the thing that determines your success or failure moving towards your purpose.
  7. Create and Act upon possibilities. Your definite purpose will make you more alert to the possibilities and opportunities in regards to your goal. It’s your job to act upon those opportunities to create the action steps towards your goal. Condition your mid to embrace opportunities and you will avoid procrastination and Make opportunities
  8. Success must be planned. You can create luck by creating and implementing a plan. By putting together a team to bring with you and work together towards success. “Success is the knowledge of getting what you want in life without violating the rights of others and by helping others acquire it”
  9. Maintain a positive mind. The slightest bit of a negative attitude is enough to destroy the positive forward movement. Create the environment of pure positive energy and move with courage and determination towards your definite purpose.
  10. Conceive, Believe, Achieve. This is a Napoleon Hill standard. This doesn’t say anything about finances or education. This is purely an internal working of your thought process. If you can conceive it and believe in the possibility, then you can achieve it!

Number 10 was actually quoted to me during a Skype call from a very successful entrepreneur when I was just getting started in the Solo Ad industry (Case study to follow on my time in the Solo Ad Industry).

Seriously this stuff works.

Financial Freedom: Think Big

So my view at this point in my life is that Financial Freedom is expressed in many ways by many people but that essentially it means that you are in a position to live life on your own terms. No longer as a slave to circumstance but now as the Master Mind creating the events you want in your life.

This may sound extreme. But I assure you it isn’t. If anything I am still holding back and still need to think bigger.

It comes down to this Conceive, Believe, Achieve, number 10.

If your thinking and present mindset can Conceive of a thing, then its very possible for you to achieve that thing or goal. But if you can never even conceive of that outcome then the chances of having that outcome are left to simple chance.

So I think we owe it to ourselves to think big and aim high, what after all do we have to loose? So expect all sorts of articles, case studies and experiments as I journey towards Financial Freedom.

I have had some comments asking is it appropriate for me to talk of this before I make it…well accountability is a powerful tool.

I do hope others will take on this challenge and dare to believe in an amazing future full of Financial Freedom.

Together we shall get there.

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