Forex Robots: Do They Make Money?

Can Forex Robots (Expert Advisers/EA) be truly profitable? Is Scott Heywoods success with Robots just luck? Is it possible for you to make money from a Forex Robot consistently? Well I have been looking at all these questions for several months.

Basically since I have got involved in Forex I have focusing on two things.  My own manual trading and researching strategies that can be easily automated.

Until I discovered Rob Booker and Scott Heywood I had not seen people consistently making money every day using a Robot. So seeing Scotts success and having him do an interview with me opened my eyes to a whole new world.

I discovered it was possible but it wasn’t simple, it is not free money. It requires a lot of work to get a robot working consistently enough to trust it with your account. But when the work is put in amazing things can happen.

Fast forward now to one of my mentors in the Internet Marketing world Avdo. He was my coach when I began selling Solo Ads and was one of the few guys who actually cared if his students did well. So when Avdo got involved in Forex I took notice.

Now he is  a money making machine when it comes to trading small time frames (1 minute), you can hear his interview here on 52 traders.

For the past few months he has been working with his business partner on automating his trading strategy.  The first I heard of this was a few weeks ago.

What I want to share with all those following my journey is that from what I can see Avdo has succeeded! The Robot works!

Will it make you rich? No. Not if you are using proper money management.

Will it bring in consistent passive income which can change your life and open up new business opportunities because you now have money? Yes! Yes it will which is why if you are also on your own journey to financial freedom you should keep in touch with me and get ready for my full review which is coming very soon.

The full review will have results from my own live account, I don’t want to recommend anything that I am not using myself on a real account with real money. So let me gather more results on my live account and then I will share the review. But so far it is looking EXTREMELY good and as Avdo says….Trading Made Easy 🙂

If you want to get in early with this Robot then get in touch with me as this will be big!

ForexGrid Platinum EA Robot Trader


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