Glossika Scheduler: Speak Chinese 5 Month Challenge

Hello fellow language learners. It has now been over a month since I finished my 90 Speak Chinese Challenge.

I have had and continue to have a little break before I restart with a 5month challenge or should I say plan to use the Glossika Scheduler to better organize is my study time.

See my 90 Day Speak Chinese Challenge here

The hope is that using the scheduler I will be able to be really efficient with my time and still make really good progress, maybe even moving out of the beginner zone in my speaking.

I have had a few comments after I posted my previous videos as to how to improve speaking and any tips I have.

Well my experience is all recorded in my previous posts as I am learning as I go but the knee tip can say is use the scheduler and stick to it if you have purchased any Glossika language courses.

For me now language learning always involves Glossika at the center as I want to follow the method and example of someone who has achieved what I want to achieve, with not just one language but many.

So hence the reason for this post to draw attention to this aspect of Glossika which is still very new, if only they had it when I was doing my challenge I would have got far more done everyday 🙁

Anyone then starting out now or in the new year as I am have a listen to what Mike (founder of Glossika) is saying here and then do yourself a favor and follow it religiously.

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The scheduler has various options depending upon get how intense you want to be in your learning, how much time you have and whether you are a new learner or refreshing an old language.


I have chosen the most intense option as I want to push through and achieve goals I had hoped I would of achieved in my recent 90 day challenge. This time with the help of a properly organized study plan I believe I will achieve far more.

This is a quick update and I will be back soon for the start of the 5 months study in January. It would be great if others could join me on this next period of study.

Regarding the scheduler if you have purchased any Glossika products you should find the scheduler already in your ‘My Library’ area on the Glossika website after you have signed in.

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  • Interesting, I am studying Spanish as a 3 month challenge at the moment, but I plan to focus on Chinese next year. Plus brush up on my Sign Language which has become a little neglected as of late. I might just check this schedule out. Bien gracias.

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