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As some of you may be aware I seriously started studying Chinese about 2 years ago and after an intensive start life got in the way. Well now I am back and determined to become fluent and to help me I am testing out new tools.

I still love Glossika but others are catching on and creating their own take on learning languages efficiently with no need to memorise lots of pointless words and instead focusing upon sentences and phrases that give the language learner far more usable content, all we need then do is customize these sentences for our needs.

So it is no longer just Glossika leading this change in learning.

A much better approach than the traditional methods is to use phrases and sentences that build upon each other….. short story is it makes language learning practical, achievable and measurable. No more learning words you will never use instead you learn the structure in the form of very common sentences. It is an  endless task made better by the fact we can actually see our progress with all these new apps.

Speechling – Its Free!

Get it here for FREE or get the PAID version with plans from $19.99/month including UNLIMITED DAILY COACHING!


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If you are learning a language then you should just go ahead and sign up to Speechling today as it’s FREE and the basic version is FREE forever.

The paid version has the addition of a coach who will give feedback on your sentences and pronunciations. This is a good addition and can save you from developing some sort of crazy accent like my London Chinese accent!

The process for this is as follows.

Pretty good right, no video calls or meeting your teacher on line. This just allows you to get on with the exposure to the language. Exposure is key I dont care what method it is but we need the exposure to saying, hearing and comprehending and this takes repetition. The more numbers we can repeat the faster we can speed up this exposure until we no longer remember it but simply know and use it.

Then if we get an issue we can use our coach to correct us. Perfect no wasted time.


It’s pretty simple you have 6 languages to choose from- English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and German. It s great they have the English option as I have been telling people about it here in Taiwan so hopefully more people can benefit as this thing is FREE.

You have a choice of level from A1, A2 all the way through to advanced B1,B2. So it really is a tool you can use to get deep into the language. You can then choose the area of the language you want to work on which for the Chinese version I was working with was very diverse with options from social language skills, business focused to health, bad situations and administrative language to negotiate those tricky situations with a bit more ease. Its all really useful and much of it was material I had not heard before as it very specialist for that area. So I could see my self using it before a specific task to brush up on those words.

For the paid version you get a lot more interaction in the form of your coach where you can record  yourself and get feedback from native speakers of the language you are learning. This is very useful….I live in Taiwan and its still difficult to get people to give you proper feedback so use this tool a lot if you sign up as it will shorten the time you need to progress from broken speaking to more fluent native(ish) sounding sentences.

Some of the tasks you can do with your Coach are really useful such as the describe the picture questions as it allows you to break out of scripted answers and USE the language.

Is it all you need?

No it is not. A singular approach to learning a language just will not work in my opinion as you need to expose yourself in every way, changing your life and the media you watch to assist you in achieving your language goal. For example for a year I only watched movies in mandarin. Am I fluent…hell no but it really helped me tune my ears for the fast pace and slang words used.

So whatever you use you will need real life practice as well as other methods to keep things fresh. But I do think Speechling deserves to be one of the tools in your arsenal as what it does it does very well.

Is Speechling worth it?

It is FREE! Of course it is! Sign up use the site learn languages you have no intention of ever using as it is FREE!

Seriously though it is good. In fact to be so useful for absolutely FREE it is something any serious language learner needs to have on their phone. Even if it is not your main study material it is great to have the option to dip into the language when on the bus or train or watching the world go by in a coffee shop.

I have it on my Ipad and will be using it along with other methods.


Get it here for FREE or get the PAID version with plans from $19.99/month including UNLIMITED DAILY COACHING!


Use my referral code to get a discount: DAWNOT


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