Learn To Trade! Forex Grid Mentorship Review

Are you making money in FOREX? Do you need help and wish you had a reliable mentor who actually wants to help and not just take your money?

If this sounds like you then I have good news. In the process of testing the Forex Grid Automated Trading Robot (Review Coming soon!) I have been lucky enough to be able to do a review of Forex Grid’s Mentorship program.

ForexGrid Mentoring Program - 2 Exact Scalping Strategies

Now there are thousands of gurus and supposed mentors out there and I have little faith in most of them as often they are living off of student sign ups and not from their own trading. But in the case of Forex Grid which is run by one of my first mentors Avdo with his business partner Uros I have faith as I know these guys can relate to what it is like being a newbie and struggling to be profitable as they are both relatively new to trading. You can hear Avdo’s interview here on 52 Traders.

What matters to me in these FOREX training programs is that there is some interaction and that you are valued by the mentor and feel like he wants you to win, that he is on your side. Far too often in programs I have been part of in the past this interaction is not present and the mentor isn’t even present to teach some skills let alone mentor the students to success.

Thankfully it seems Avdo understands this personal element that is required as once I was signed up to Forex Grid Mentorship I was put into their telegram chat and given access to relevant groups. So far so good, now lets look at what you get with this mentorship.

What do you get?

This mentorship does not assume any knowledge or experience on your part. It begins at the most basic level of what is MT4 and how to set up your charts. This step by step process continues providing a foundation in the fundamentals of Price Action and how to use it.

Let me add here that these videos are very thorough and cover everything from drawing trend lines all the way up to the use of Fibonacci tools.

Once the basics are understood, two Forex Grid Scalping Strategies are introduced. The first being the one that Avdo talks about but doesn’t give the details of in his 52 Traders interview. In this strategy you will learn how to trade the 1 minute chart with confidence and free of fear gaining a very high percentage success rate.

The second scalping strategy is one that uses Price Action as its basis. This is pure gold and I think personally can be used either as scalping or for slightly longer term trading. It really doesn’t matter as safety measures are built into the method and at its core is pure Price Action.

In addition to the Strategies you get the indicators, templates and EA’s to make it all work. No fuss of having to find extra tools on the web. Everything has been provided and custom coded to work with the strategies.

Mentoring and Community

One of the big things I have found in my own path of learning to trade is that though we can learn it on our own it makes such a difference when we have someone by our side willing to share not just the trades they take but the reasoning why they did or didn’t take the trade.

Someone who can speed up our learning and who is committed to helping us ‘get it’. This is absent from many so called mentoring programs as often they are nothing more than some videos promising the world and a facebook post every few weeks.

As I mentioned earlier and I want to make clear again here. This Forex Grid Mentorship really is a mentorship in that the mentors want you to do well and will do their best to help you achieve your goals. Regular contact is had with the mentors through the social media plus regular webinars where questions can be asked and answered directly while in front of the charts with live examples. This is rare.

Looking at the webinars that are in the members area it seems these are on average weekly depending on what questions people have and how the market is at the time.

Not just that but there is a small but growing community of Forex Grid manual traders and Forex Grid automated traders. This community itself brings a lot of value and I think as it grows will be a big selling point to this mentorship.

Does it work?

At the end of the day we all want success and success means earning money consistently from FOREX and I would add, without sitting in front of the charts all day.

Well you can see here how Avdo himself is doing with the exact same strategies he shares in the members area.

But does it work for those he is mentoring? Well from what I have seen yes it does, it works if you do. It will not happen overnight but if you follow what he says then there is no doubt you will get profitable results.

You still need to study, work and be diligent in your approach but you will now have a community and mentors behind you who truly want you to succeed.

You can see here that people are already starting to see that success.

Conclusion – Do I RECOMMEND it?

I did not know what to expect of this course. I suspected it would be solid and profitable if the student has the right attitude but really did not expect an additional strategy or the foundation course in Price Action.

The content is excellent and well presented but most important is the feeling of trust. I trust that Avdo and Uros will do what is best for their students and that they are here for the long term earning their money from trading not from selling trading courses.

So in conclusion the answer is YES I do recommend this course to not only FOREX newbies but to anyone who is not yet consistently profitable.

You can sign up to the Forex Grid Mentoring Program here.

ForexGrid Mentoring Program - 2 Exact Scalping Strategies

If you still have not listened to Avdo on the soon to be famous 52traders then have a listen here. He talks about this strategy in the 1 minute time frame and how he achieves a VERY HIGH success rate.

59: Avdo Hadziavdic on How to Trade the One Minute Chart with One Pair, One Strategy & One Hell of a Win Rate

Join the Forex Grid Mentoring Program here.

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