Success being you.

Why You Should Be Yourself and Make Money!

Guess what you have the best product, the ultimate brand and an unlimited testing area.

It’s you and your life! Make money being you!

make money being yourself

You Have To Choose

Your life, your choice. You have to decide on what life you want and then go at it. I realized this while laying in a hospital bed Spring 2008.

Surrounded by people seriously ill and dying I had some time to think.

I realized that ultimately the way my life was at that time at the very centre of it all was me and my choices. I had either chosen this life or had been reluctant to choose so life chose for me. It was all on me and there was no one else to blame.

That may or may not resonate with you but for me that simple sentence hit me hard and for the first time instead of wishing for things, I made a firm decision and took immediate action to change my life.

Find Your Voice

To find your voice you have to know who you are and what you want. Only then can you speak with some force and authority.

For me it took a trip to the hospital to uncover who I was and what I REALLY wanted.

Many of my friends all found out what they really wanted in life after some crazy accident or mishap. Once you get that awakening you never go back.

You don’t need some crazy story in order to snap out of the mundane dream and see the real you. I think it is much better if it never gets that far. Read and watch

Read and watch relavent books and videos by people such as Dan Pena, Peter Sage, Napolean Hill, Carnegie. This is your daily positivity to reinforce your passion and drive, to remind you never to give up.

Really digest what they are saying to the extent that your thinking changes, your expectations and standards across your entire life raise up.

No longer is just enough good enough! The poor house mentality gets kicked to the curb.

From now on it is the Gold Standard.

Imagine if you could redesign your life, what would you really want to do? How would you design it?

Well it’s not pie in the sky! You can design your life right now today! Check this post out for more and follow Napolean Hills 10 Steps

Make Money Being You

Like I said you already have access to a product that you are an EXPERT on. You.

Just from being the authentic you.

You can make money because you can bet your life there are thousands of people out there on the web that share exactly the same interests, passions and goals as you.

If someone with similar goals to you started blogging about how he achieved those goals would you be interested?

Yep I thought so.

So why not step up and be that guy/girl.

Be the one to share your journey, honestly share what you did and why, the ups and the downs and how  despite it all you still made it to the top of the mountain.

What better work can there be? You get to follow your dreams, achieve your goals, help others, keep yourself accountable AND still make an awesome living.

What To Do Now?

  1. You create content other people want to read, watch and share.
  2. People find your content, love it and share it.
  3. As more people find you and your awesome content you make money from your own products, quality recommendations of things you personally use or from quality ad networks.

Does that sound good? Excellent.

Does that sound possible? I hope it does as it just requires a firm decision from you and a whole new world opens up.

5 Steps To Your Success

Step 1

Find out who the hell you are and what you care about, then share it.

If you don’t care about it then no one else will.

Step 2

Remind yourself who the hell you are and why people need to care about your content.

You must also take full responsibility for you.

Remember there are no excuses now it’s all on you, this is not a bad thing this is awesome! This means you can create your new life bit by bit day by day.

Step 3

Make a plan.

Keep it simple. Quality over quantity. Regardless whether you do blogging, youtube videos or podcasts.

Keep to a good schedule, if it is 1 post per week that is fine but stick to it.

Make sure everything you post is gold and that it will be relevant for years to come.

Of course starting out creation is your goal to build up quality content for your readers and to give them something to share.

Step 4

Feed yourself and your dream every day!  People will doubt you.

Family will ask why don’t you just get a better slave job if you want more money.

Friends will ask why would you want to travel.

You have to be ruthless….in a nice way.

As Dan Pena says ‘Upgrade your peer group’. Surround yourself with those further on than yourself with those that share your vision of a bigger life.

Step 5

You must be relentless. Do not expect praise or cash to fly into your hands.

You have to produce gold again and again. If this is your passion then this should be very achievable for you.

Write down the vision for yourself and your business. Keep it on the wall where you can see it everyday.

Whatever happens just focus on your vision. Everyday is another step towards achieving and crushing all your goals.

Oh and listen to this from Dan Pena …….he say’s it like it is.

Now Get To Work!

You are your own brand, you are the product. It will happen as fast or as slow as you work.  You want it faster? Well shut down Facebook, cancel Neflix, and tell your friends and family you are busy for the next 90 days…….You have a New Life to build.

Further Reading and Information

Get your mind right before you start.

The book that has changed more lives than you can imagine – Think Grow Rich By Napolean Hill.

Upgrade your Peer Group – Check London Real (No affiliate I just think the material there is pure gold) you can watch nearly all the videos through signing up on their site with your Facebook profile.

Peter Sage – Super Inspirational Entrepreneur

Want support in building your dream through blogging? Check out Johnny FD’s Earnest Affiliate.

Here is a blog post I did on living your dream or living in an office cubicle.




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