Making Money in 2017

If you saw my last update on my journey to financial freedom here then you will see that I have moved heavily into FOREX trading as a means to make a good living and build enough capital to enable me to open new streams of income both off line and online.

This has come as it always does with lots of trial and error with constant testing. I thought others might want to follow a similar course of action and benefit from the time and money I have spent.

Basically there is NO SHORT CUT.  The work has to be done as FOREX is no panacea. It is a great mirror though to your mental life and life in general as bad habits in life often seem unrelated to the consequences yet in FOREX that bad habit immediately blows your account and teaches a swift lesson.

Learn the skill

FOREX robots work and I am testing many at this moment with really exciting results (review coming soon!) but as awesome as it is to see income every day from a robot I strongly believe it should not be an excuse to avoid putting the time in to learning how to profitably and consistently trade on your own.

Why rely on one source outside your ultimate control? Why rely on just one system? So I advise and you will see in my future review what robots to use and also what to avoid along with my recommended robot. But along side this I advise to use this time you have while the robot trades to STUDY and invest in yourself.

I have paid for some courses but after being involved in them I can say nothing I have tried so far comes close to the Royal Collective, add to this the Royal Collective (RC) training is all FREE! So invest your time, no money required.

Adam Lord the founder of RC is really motivating me despite him not having a clue who I am. Hearing him speak on 52 Traders really clarified many nagging questions I had in how to be consistently profitable.

Here is a video from Royal Collective website that I hope they don’t mind me posting here.

Confidently putting on trades and seeing a Take Profit of several hundred pips. (For those new think on 1 pip = $10 USD, this is not accurate for all currencies but it gives an idea.)

Making Money in 2017: Step 1

So step 1 of making money in 2017 is join Royal Collective here, join their groups and telegram channel and get to work. There are no signals or auto traders, instead you learn how and when to trade. You learn a skill that is not reliant upon an indicator or a specific software.

Once you have gone through the FREE course (don’t think of free as low quality, this is much better than paid training I have received) you should start to be profitable. Once you are then there is an opportunity for more advanced study with Adam in person.

Royal Collective gives you the ability to live a luxurious life founded by the incredible power of Forex.
We help everyone achieve their own personal goals.
Together, we create:
Freedom | Family | Fortune

I think the above quote and video posted sum up what the Royal Collective is about.  I am just a fan I have nothing professionally to do with them and they have no clue who I am. I am just sharing what I have discovered and hope that it helps you as much as it has helped me.

Honestly I cannot recommend this enough, I have built Dropship Stores with the Dropship lifestyle method, built blogs with Johnny FD’s Earnest Affiliate method, I have sold Solo Ads and Funnel Clicks. All of it has earned me money, all of it has had some form of support. But none felt like they had my back quite like the Royal Collective does and I paid for those others and this is FREE!

I recently reviewed the Forex Grid Mentoring Program here and feel that if you want more than just information it may be a better start for newbies or those struggling to be profitable.

The Royal Collective is a great resource for information but increasingly so FREE members are left to work out the details for themselves.

So if you are wanting a true mentorship check out my review here.


Forex Robots

I will be posting very soon on how to use FOREX robots to earn you an income while you learn how to trade and ongoing as another income stream. These robots are low risk and though they won’t make you a millionaire they can quite easily start bringing in $100  per day. Keep your eyes open for the post or get in touch for a sneak preview.


The Royal Collective

The Royal Collective Facebook Group

52 Traders – Adam Lord


I am not an affiliate or getting paid in anyway for recommending Royal Collective as like I said, it is FREE. I just know that from paying A LOT for other training the quality does not match RC plus the leadership in RC is interacting every day with members, all to help us be profitable.

Secondly please understand that no one can guarantee any profit…FOREX comes with risk just like anything else in life worth having. Please know the risks before you go live.

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