Mark Knight Interview: Hermetics, Flat Earth and the collapse of the current ‘Globe’ system

Firstly thank you Mark Knight who runs the popular Waykiwayki website for accepting my interview request. I am sure some of my regular readers will find some of today’s subjects a little shocking. If this is you and you find yourself reacting to these subjects then take a step back and simply put it on the shelf.

Much of what we think we know we actually only believe…unless you have done the research, the calculations and came to the conclusions on your own.

So enjoy the interview, watch Marks videos, hold off the initial reaction to dismiss what doesn’t fit the established view and do your own research to verify what is being said.

Now lets get on with the interview.

DOT: It is great to have you here. Can you tell us a little more about your back ground, life and current work and position in life. I believe your a fellow brit like myself so I am interested to hear.

Mark: Hi Simon. I was working in Industrial Software for 10 years, then about 11 years ago I walked out and went on a journey that took in monks, shaman, yogis, mystics, and an awakening about the world we live in. Currently I live off grid with my wife in the Spanish mountains, and have various projects on the go, that will all be unveiled through my website. For work I am doing much Flat Earth Astrology, which I call Luminology.

DOT: I have seen some of the information regarding your Hermetic journey and it sounds an amazing experience. So can you tell us more about what Hermetics is first of all and how you came to be involved in it. The story of the volcano with the 55 and 100 day practices sound like a movie and wonderful experience.

Mark: Hermetics is really a philosophical and esoteric tradition based mainly upon writings attributed to a Hermes Trismegistus and some others. It grew in Greece, and grew even more during the renaissance period in Europe. I was on a synchronistic journey, travelling with no responsibilities, and via synchronicity, I ended up at a mystery School near the volcanoes of Guatemala. All the energy signatures told me I was meant to be there. It was over a year process that included two 100 day intensive processes, the summary of which is explained in my Trinity of Wisdom book – which looks at the unwritten Kabbalah, and Merkaba Mysticism.

DOT: After your 55 and 100 day practices what came next. How did you reconstruct yourself after these experiences and return to society…or did you return?

Mark: I knew there was no way back into 9-5 tick-tock-matrix life for me – so I ended up living in an old farmhouse with no windows in a forest in Mallorca, and then above a community in the Alpujarras near a waterfall, before obtaining some land to live off grid. Here I started to work more deeply with the Wachuma Cactus, and to write even more.

DOT: How do you feel these ancient practices can benefit our lives now in 2017? How do we apply it in the real world and make it more than just a pleasant day dream.

Mark: In any time or age, a practical study of any decent tradition can benefit each person. Currently the silly system we are all forced to live within is in it’s last throws – and a practical study of ancient teachings really pull one out of this current matrix – and help one to see beyond – into the soul, into the spirit, into the invisible. This is applicable in any time for different reasons.

DOT: Now we have some background of your amazing journey can you share how you went from spiritual seeker to the subject of the Flat Earth? Did you always suspect the globe was not what we were being told? Or did your beliefs change as a result of your previous experiences?

Mark: I was about to stop blogging and spend more time improving the off-grid space, but Eric Dubay got in touch (before he was well known) and told me about FE. I told him he was nuts and that I would debunk the theory in a week – but this attempt at debunking FE only led to me debunking the ball model, and adding to the FE model. Looking back I realised we all got very mind controlled at school, and I noticed in the self that I didn’t ever really truly believe the light years / galaxies doctrine deep down.

DOT: Looking at the old pictures from Hermetic Alchemists do you believe they also shared the view that we live upon a flat plane?

Mark: Yes, I do. There are many other images – many with the Sun and Moon the same size, and many others with stars close. They knew for sure, and nothing within Hermeticism, or Hermetic Kabbalah points toward spinning balls in a vacuum.

DOT: The implications of this subject I believe are huge. Gravity, the Sun and Moon, Stars, Planets all need to be reassessed as we start to unravel our conditioning. I enjoy your musing videos so lets us now speculate a little. What are your current thoughts on the structure of where we live? Firmament? Dome? Multiple pods? Or something else entirely?

Mark: All is on the table as we only truly know that it is a flat really, and money is being taken for other reasons. But at present I think there is other land due to the Vedic documentary I made, and the recent Musings video I made. The dome I am only about 45% on – though there may be a flat glass ceiling.

I do see the north as the centre and the Sun circling, and I have come to many other conclusions:

The Sun takes 24 hours to complete a revolution above us. The Sun is about 30 miles wide. The Sun is around 600 to 2000 miles away.
The Moon takes 25 hours to complete a revolution above us. The Moon is about 30 miles wide. The Moon is around 600 to 2000 miles away. The Moon is slightly in front of the Sun.

The Sun moves from Tropic of Capricorn on the Winter Solstice, to a smaller and slower path at the Tropic of Cancer on the Summer Solstice.
The Moon is always close to the Sun’s path – which is known as the ecliptic.
The Wandering Stars (previously known as Planets) also all travel close to the ecliptic (Sun’s path). Some are slow, some are fast, and some stop and changing direction, which is known as retrograde.

The 12 Zodiac constellations are behind the Sun’s ecliptic, and they move in unison. They complete a full revolution above us every 23 hours 56 minutes or so.

Therefore, due to all the above speeds, The Sun stays in a Zodiac for around 30 days, and the Moon stays in a zodiac sign for around 2.35 days.
There are wheels of stars in the sky seen by each human observer:
a) Polaris, the North star sits above the North Centre of our Flat Earth, and many stars move around this, including the 12 zodiac constellations.
b) There is an identical southern wheel in the sky that is seen due south in Chile, South Africa, and Australasia. This could be due to reflection or duplication, or something beyond our comprehension.

But all of this physical reality is most probably in the mind / mental creation of a creator or collective of creators.

Regarding Flat Earth I have had so many emails of how triggered people get when it is mentioned. Couples have split up, friends and families divided – it’s really intense. There is even now an FE Connection app for friends or dating (FELOVE). I see the insults and denial of FE being due to the subconscious being “de-stabilised” regarding “where it is.” People feel grounded if they know where they are.

DOT: Thankfully some knowledge like the Vedas still retains some cosmological information talking about the structures of the Universe implying a flat plane. Can you tell us about your visit to India. What did you hope to gain? Were you disappointed with the current views? Great job on that content and the music by the way it was really enjoyable to watch.

Mark: To be honest, I was getting drained with the 30-40 emails a day I was getting regarding flat earth. Every time I went online do to something, an avalanche of energy came at me – so I closed the laptop and ran to India to get more information – to investigate, to learn, to adventure, and to create. I had spent so much time online the previous months, I needed to get out, and I love India. I needed a reset.

DOT: In addition to the mysterious East, Russia seems to be a place that still holds many secrets and strange architecture in places far from anywhere. I have heard you mention that some stories from Russia (From the people known as the Tartars?)talk about a land to the North.

The North is often assumed to be understood and a place featured on TV many times but this is pretty much the same assumption we all had about the globe. So can you let us know more about this land if possible depending upon confidentiality your North Pole Project.

Mark: There are many maps and people that were removed from history in the late 1800’s and the North is where we will find some fixed answers. These maps and info is presented in my recent musings video on Youtube. The FE community has plateaued, and much has been controlled. It really now needs some budget to go to the next level. I know someone in North Russia now researching, and it seems so much of modern history has been a lie.

DOT: Lastly as what we have talked about brings about certain perception changes in the individual, surely as more people become aware of these things as I believe the mental charge of this will attract more and more people. So at some point the current control grid surely must start to dissolve and be replaced by something more in line with our perception of the world.

So I loved your video:

How do you feel we can start to use our new perception and funnel this here in real life to create a better world for all? Of course this is pure speculation but itโ€™s great to hear your thoughts…end of fiat money? civil wars? more or less freedom? governing ourselves via new technology?

Mark: I see change coming – I really do. It could be one year, two, five, or maybe 10 (less likely) – but things like cash machines and universities may be a thing of the past. I think it’s wise to look into crypto currencies, land, gold, silver, seeds, and skills. I don’t see this strange matrix-system as being around for much longer – it is already insolvent, already imploding, but they hide it. Just look at Venezuela – this is just one early domino, and many more will come. But there is nothing to fear, just be centred and prepare to be an observer instead of a participant ๐Ÿ™‚

When large changes come – there may some chaos for a few years as the new seeds start sprouting – It’s wise to be ready. Cryptocurrency could be one of these seeds that really sprout.


Mark Knight can be contacted through the following links.

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