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The Master Key System: An Interview With Helmar Rudolph – Mr Master Key

Welcome to this exciting interview with Mr Master Key – Helmar Rudolph. He is a shining example of what happens when you consciously create your life.

He discovered the book the Master Key System by Charles Hannel, in 2007 and hasn’t looked back since.

Before we get to the interview I always like to show some video of who we are talking to. Here Helmar gives us an introduction to the Master Key System.

So now you have a good idea of what the Master Key System is, an amazing self improvement book that has stood the test of time. Over 100 years now!

You can also see that Helmar is truly living these principles by his continued success.

Results don’t lie.

Over 62.000 hardcover books were sold. Thousands of audio products. 8.000 people in the study service. Over a hundred talks, presentations, workshops, and seminars on three continents. Radio and TV interviews. Over 2.3 million views and 13.000 subscribers on Youtube (Sept. 2016). A DVD, a meditation CD, a children’s book, a book on instant success written in only 24 hours. Webinars, VIP coaching – you name it, I’ve done it. All as a result of a simple decision to make the Master Key System my new calling.

Helmar Rudolph, from his website

Personally I really like seeing the results as so many talk, but have very little to show for it. Not the case here.

Now let us move onto the interview which I think is going to very popular. 🙂

DOT: Thank you for joining us.

Can you give the readers a brief introduction on who you are, what you do and how you came to be living in South Africa.

The Master Key SystemMr Master Key:  My name is Helmar Rudolph. I am consciousness experiencing itself in the shape and form of this mind-body complex in this space/time continuum. I’ve been living in Cape Town, South Africa, since 1993. I first came to South Africa in 1989 for an internship with SIEMENS Ltd. in Johannesburg. My South African “roots” date back to the 50s, when my father was teacher at the German school in Johannesburg.

In 2007 I stumbled across the Master Key System (MKS) by Charles F. Haanel, which I then translated to German. I had found my calling, and in the process sort-of made it my own and created additional products and services around the MKS, mainly for the German-speaking market.

In 2007 I stumbled across the Master Key System (MKS) by Charles F. Haanel, which I then translated into German. As a result, I created additional products and services around the MKS, mainly for the German-speaking market.

DOT: I read that you discovered the Master Key in 2007 and from then on have been very focused on the system. I am curious what came before you finding the Master Key? Where you Spiritually Inclined? Had you been on a search or was the Master Key a new direction for you?

Mr Master Key: It all started very early with books by Erich von Däniken. Then there was a large gap, followed by Neale Donald Walsch, Deepak Chopra and Dan Millman.

I always had the feeling that there was so much more to me than I was at the time capable of “making happen”.

When I found the MKS, it answered all my open questions, tied up loose ends, and created a complete picture of creation, with me dead-bang at the center. It unlocked my dormant potential, and life hasn’t been the same since.

DOT: You are now known as Mr Master Key so can you tell us what was it about the Master Key that you connected so strongly with it?

Mr Master Key: Well, Mr Master Key was inspired by Joe Vitale calling himself “Mr Fire”. Initially, Mr Master Key was mainly Charles Haanel, who wrote 4 more books over and above the MKS – which was his first at the age of 45.

The rest was me and my ego desiring to grow and expand. It later shifted more towards me, but beyond the ego.

Charles Haanel wasn’t around anymore, and I’m the only person in the world pushing the MKS envelope with innovative products and services, all with the intention of making it easier for people to understand and apply this beautiful teaching.

The reason for me connecting so strongly with the MKS was Haanel’s ability to explain the creative process in plain and simple terms.

He connected the physical and the metaphysical world by using simple biology: Brain, Vagus Nerve, Solar Plexus. Interestingly, a 100 years later this is being confirmed by the latest medical research, with the exception of the Solar Plexus.

This is where science currently stops, but where the sages of ancient India were way ahead of us by giving us the Chakra system. There the Solar Plexus plays a pivotal role, representing the element of fire, representing drive and determination, self-confidence, self-actualisation and self-consciousness.

DOT: There is a big difference between people thinking positively for 10 minutes a day and the predominant thought that is now who they are. Can you talk a little about the difference and how this relates to some people getting results and others seemingly no results?

Mr Master Key: The secret lies in knowing and understanding the interaction between the conscious and the subconscious mind.

The mistake people make is the following: they want to force things using the conscious mind. They want to alter current states of reality through the power of their thought.

The key, however, lies in aligning conscious thought with the workings of the subconscious. I guess the keyword here is patience.

Those who know will set impulses now but not expect immediate results. They know it takes time for the subconscious to (re)act. They know it’s not their thoughts that create reality, but the domain of the subconscious.

This has – for very good reasons – been removed from the conscious realm, because the latter is way too unreliable, fickle, questioning, doubting, procrastinating, etc – in one word: subject to change.

For creation to take place, it requires persistence, structure, coherence, order – in short: something absolute and reliable instead of ever-changing thoughts.

So, those who attain results and those who don’t are separated by the understanding of how creation really works. Those who do, understand that it’s not a matter of mind, but mindset, not of thoughts, but thinking, not of now, but later.

DOT: How important is the development of attention in the Master Key system and can you give some examples of its development and usage?

Mr Master Key: Attention is key. Prior to that, though, is intention, because intention governs attention. Attention and interest, as Haanel sort-of says, are twins joined at the hip. The one cannot do without the other.

Attention leads to interest, and interest leads to more attention. The more attentive I am, the more I find out about a particular thing or idea. The more I find out, the more conscious I become of it.

The more conscious I become of it, the more normal it appears to me, and the higher the benefits I can derive from it.

Attention is cultivated in silence, in silent thought meditation. The later stage of attention is called concentration, and this in turn impacts on the subconscious mind, which – at first – will fail to react, but if it’s being handed the same stuff over and over again, it will finally yield and turn thought into things.

In one sentence: concentration impacts on the subconscious mind and makes it react, turning thoughts into things.

DOT: You have guided many people through the Master Key. Are there any areas of the course that many people have difficulty with or misunderstand what is truly required?

Mr Master Key: Every now and then I hear about people failing to understand and assert their unity with the Universal Consciousness, their oneness with all that is. Others still think they can influence things with their mind, when in fact the mind has long seized being concerned with a particular issue or item, and the subconscious has taken over.

Also, many fail to do the exercises. They are actually key to the MKS, and the “S”in this TLA. If you fail to do the exercises, all you do is satisfy your mind – you don’t acquire new skills. It’s these skills though, that help you make stuff happen. It’s these skills that allow you do act and react completely differently in your daily life.

They give you the skills to control and relax body and mind, and then to visualize and concentrate. And with that we’re right back at the subconscious mind as the true center of creation.

DOT: Charles Haanel and the Master Key made a big impact in the New Thought Movement of the last century. Another book that has made a big impact is the Kybalion  by the Three Initiates. Can you comment on the relationship between Master Key System and the Kybalion?

Mr Master Key: The “Three Initiates” is likely to be only one person, namely William Walker Atkinson, a popular author at the time. The MKS is a practical wrapper for the Kybalion. It breaks it down and makes it palatable.

DOT: Charles Haanel wrote other books in addition to the Master Key. In ‘A Book About You’ he talked a lot about Astrology and basically went through each Star Sign one by one and its relationship to us.

How does Astrology and the wider body of knowledge known as Hermetics connect to the work of the Master Key?

Mr Master Key: In “A Book about You” Haanel gave us deep insight into the subject of vibration. Astrology is nothing but vibrations reaching us from afar. The zodiac is nothing but a way of initiation.

We are born under one particular sign which has “programmed” us, but we’re here to become conscious of the qualities of the other 11 signs too. The same holds true for the Tarot as well as the Deck of Cards (4×13).

They all exist to expand our consciousness and therefore our ability to impact on our environment. With little or low consciousness there’s also little impact and control.

DOT: As time unfolds more and more people are discovering the Master Key. Do you see a bigger role for these principles in the future with perhaps these Universal Laws being Universally known as part of our general education or is that time still far off?

Mr Master Key: Absolutely. The MKS leans itself to being included into the school curriculum. It already exists in course form, half a year to boot, so it’s ideal to be dealt with during one semester, and practically applies during the second.

This will happen for sure. It will still take time, as the school structures are old and lethargic, but soon students and parents will demand this getting taught at school.

DOT: I would like to thank you for spending time answering these questions. In closing please let us know what you are currently working on, what the future holds for you and where we can find you, your books and your courses.

Mr Master Key: It’s been a real pleasure, Simon. Thank you for the opportunity. I am currently working on a new version of the Visual Master Key. The current one was based on a panorama software for real estate etc. – powerful but limited.

The new one uses web technologies only. It will first appear in German, then English. I will also create a new version of my German study service. Better and more videos, detailed explanation for specific passages of the MKS, and then some.

Given more interest from the English-speaking market, I would also do this in English. Perhaps we will even have an English seminar on Majorca or surrounding areas. Up until now it’s been German only.

For those looking for more of my goodies, they are invited to visit, although I’m planning to merge it with the German site,, so that everything is under one roof.

I also have a dedicated Youtube channel at, which is mirrored at, where some people may find it easier to comment than on Youtube.

I hope you enjoyed that interview with Mr Master Key.
Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below or on the facebook page.

Books by Mr Master Key

Mr Master Key has put all his experience of studying the  Master key System into this beautifully presented version of the original book. It contains lots of extra help and clarity for the modern reader while taking nothing away from the original.

You also get 12 hours of video support from Mr Master Key to help gain clarity on each step with tips and tricks taking advantage of his experience.

He also produced the Brain Changer Work Book which is another way of squeezing every possible benefit from this amazing course of study.

There are few books I recommend as strongly as this.

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