Meditation, Law Of Attraction and William Walker Atkinson

The aim of this post is to shed a little light on the Law of Attraction, how it relates to the practice of Meditation as well as looking at the man who has done so much to ensure these teaching are freely available to us, William Walker Atkinson.

Law Of Attraction

Many have heard of this term, the Law Of Attraction, The Secret, Cosmic Ordering, there are all sorts of terms that have been created in the current New Age movement.

On first impressions I think anyone could be forgiven for calling it wishful thinking and moving on. But there is a solid background to what was so widely spread to the world in the form of the ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Bryne.

There have been all sorts of variations on ‘The Secret’ with people assuming they can wish their way into wealth or that just thinking  about a brand new car or beach side villa will cause it to  suddenly appear.

While this is not necessarily way off, it is also not too realistic. There is a whole lot more to this idea and some very clearly defined principles by which this Law Of Attraction amongst other things operate.

Now before we go on it has to be said that what follows is a certain lens through which we can view reality. It shouldn’t be believed because its on a blog or in a book but should be tested  with daily life. These Laws are just one of many paradigms through which we can view ‘Reality’.

William Walker Atkinson

Who was this man? Why am I mentioning him?

In 1906 he stated the following in one his books ‘Thought Vibrations’.

When we come to see that Thought is a forcea manifestation of energy, having a magnet-like power of attraction–we will begin to understand the why and wherefore of many things that have heretofore seemed dark to us. There is no study that will so well repay the student for his time and trouble as the study of the workings of this mighty law of the world of Thought–The Law of Attraction.

This then was put out in 1906, six years before Charles Haanel published his correspondence course and a full ten years before he published the course as the well known classic, ‘The Master Key’.

So in my eyes William Walker Atkinson was one of the first re-introducing these ideas and was perhaps the writer who gave his readers the most thorough and practical explanations of these lofty spiritual laws and how to make them useful in real life.

Who Was William Walker Atkinson?

This is not going to be a full biography of the man but I wanted to give an idea of who he was and what he achieved during this time.

First off he was a lawyer. No easy task to achieve this especially back in the early 20th century. Yet he did it and was a success in the world.

I think this is an important point as so many talk about abundance while they are borrowing gas money.

But he was a success in normal life as a lawyer and also a family man. He later went onto work on various new thought publications  spearheading their growth in the early 20th Century.

But apart from this he was a prolific writer.

He wrote many books under his own name but also had multiple pen names that he wrote under, Theodore Sheldon, Theron Q.Dumont, Swami Panchadasi, The Three Initiates (Controversial), Magus Incognitus.

It’s highly likely there are others that we are yet to discover.

Of the many books he wrote there are some I wanted to draw attention to. The last one being a controversial story.

Mind Power – The Secret Of Mental Magic  (Amazon Affiliate Link)

This is over 300 pages of pure awesomeness. It does a good job of showing the interaction between different skills sets (Causes) and the results they achieve (effects) and the work we need to do to make them work.

He goes to great lengths to empower YOU and does this not through some emotional high but through providing a good understanding of what resources you have at your disposal.

When you read this you will see the influence he has had on other authors as they have used some of his unique terms which he created for his books.

Kylbion – The Definitive Edition (Amazon Affiliate Link)

This is a newer version of the classic book. It takes as a foundation William Walker Atkinson as the author of the book and makes this very clear through the hard work of this editions author, Philip Deslippe.

It is a beautiful version of what is already an amazing book, detailing the the 7 Major Laws: 1.Mentalism; 2.Correspondence; 3.Vibration; 4. Polarity; 5.Rhythm; 6. Cause and Effect; 7. Gender

When you understand these Laws, they can be applied in a very real way to Meditation and our life in general.

Arcane Teaching –  (Amazon Affiliate link)

This is really the forerunner to the Kylbion in my opinion and after reading it I think many will agree. It goes in the the Laws, Cycles and Energies of the Universe.

Of course within these Arcane teachings we can see the Law of Attraction and how it relates to the larger picture.

These three books I think give a good idea of the information William Walker Atkinson was giving out. His words were not colored with Religion or stuck in tradition despite his potential position within the Rosicrucian’s.

Now lets go to why this all matters in relation to making the Law of Attraction work.

How Does This Relate To using the Law of Attraction?

If you have got this far then thanks for your patience. Now we look into the Law Of Attraction and see why it may or may not work for different people.

The old methods in these old books might not sound as sexy but they all work for a reason and this is what is presented in the works of William Walker Atkinson.

The missing Why and How.

Now though it is called the Law Of Attraction it is often only talked about in relation to money, fast cars and a life of luxury. Like the Law of Wishing.

For Things to Change We Have To Change

This Law Of Attraction works perfectly with whatever the dominant ‘Thought’ AND ‘Feeling’ is within our mind.

Whether that is vast riches, or fear of poverty, it will work on whatever occupies our mind the most.

So if the mind has not been properly prepared then knowledge alone of this Law does not do us much good.

This is the reason I wanted to mention the previous books by Wiliam Walker Atkinson. He is not the only one to mention the wider scheme of things but does do it very clearly.

He underlines the fact that first and foremost our Thoughts and Emotions need to be in control. Who is in charge? Are our thoughts formed via reactive and excitable emotions or are thoughts informed by our emotions?

You can see the problem that if we are to use this Law Of Attraction then it must be dwelled upon constantly with thought and feeling.

But to do that you need concentration, the ability to maintain your attention on a single given thing without loosing your awareness or letting other thoughts and feeling take the place of your stated goal.

If you let other feelings like doubt or fear take the place in your mind then dwelling on these only gets us more of the same.

So  for all of us the Law Of Attraction is already working perfectly.  We attract what we are.

If we want better then we need to make ourselves better and reflect what we want.  As it is the Law Of Attraction – like attracts like.

Want doesn’t attract anything but more Want.

You want better, then get better. You want success become success meaning that your thoughts, feelings, aspirations, self talk all reflect success rather than the things we fear and want to escape.

This requires discipline. Discipline requires training and effort.

As Charles Haanel says in the Master keys, to paraphrase ‘Something cannot be had for nothing’. (A great post was just done by Victor Pride of Bold and Determined on this very subject)

The work still has to be done but when applying this Law it begins with mental work and then is followed by solid action in the physical world towards the stated goal.

Lets stop there.

It’s clear there is a lot more to this Law than just wishing for something and its not just one Law its part of a set of 7 major and even more minor laws that work in unison together.

It again underlines why many people don’t have any success with this new age secret to manifesting the dream life.

Because it is being presented that something can be had for nothing, that no work has to be done with no consideration for the other Laws in operation.

With the assistance of William Walker Atkinson and some of the resources listed at the end of the article you can put the peaces together and make it work in your very own way.

How does this relate to Meditation?

How doesn’t it relate! We can see that there is no easy answer we always need to put in the work and effort to get what we want in life.

But we are in an amazing position to be able to learn about these  Laws and them put them to use.

We also are in possession of something called choice. We choose what we allow to dwell in our mind and we choose our emotional reactions.

In order to do this consistently we need a foundation.

We don’t need any religion for these principles to work and it has been said by great masters of these practices that the Universe is likened to the workings of a clock.

Its precise but also impersonal. A turn here creates a change there with no need for any belief .

To actually start then the foundation needs to be built on solid ground. With balanced emotions informing our mental process rather than commanding it.

When we have finally a steady mind that we are confidently in charge of (notice I mentioned you as being separate from your mind….something to think about) then is the time to start working with the Law Of Attraction.

There are various approaches to this which all suit different personalities.

3 essentials need to be addressed by any plan of action. The following needs to be accomplished:

1 – Mental and Emotional Stability.

2 – Healthy Interactive Relationship with Subconscious

3 – Concentration and Attention – The ability to focus on a subject, quality or in terms of the Law Of Attraction a reality we want to see in our life right now.

I will list out some options. (Some of these are Amazon Affiliate links)

Mind Power – The Secret Of Mental Magic

This is the book I mentioned before. It gives a lot of information and for a beginner in these things it might even be information overload. So maybe have a look at this book  or even get it and put it on the bookshelf as a toolbox for the future. I wanted to make people aware of it as at the right stage its pure gold.

Master Key – Charles Haanel

This  is a masterpiece as it sums up the whole process in easy to understand weekly lessons.

Originally there were 28 lessons but for a long time only the 24 lesson version was available.

So this new version includes the full 28 lessons giving a full training on how to become Master of your mind and how to work with the Law Of Attraction to create the life you want and deserve.

Think Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

Wow if I had a dollar for every time I recommended this book! This takes the Law Of Attraction and focuses entirely on business success.

So many successful people I have met have all recommended this book. Enough said go get it.

These 3 books each contain instruction in how to achieve the 3 essentials:

1 – Mental and Emotional Stability.

2 – Healthy Interactive Relationship with Subconscious

3 – Concentration and Attention – The ability to focus on a subject, quality or in terms of the Law Of Attraction a reality we want to see in our life right now.

They then each go on in detail in how to now approach the Law Of Attraction now that these 3 essentials are in place.

This boils down to some simple actions we need to do consistently on a daily basis. Below is a basic version.

Auto Suggestion

This is one way to start changing the deep beliefs and thought process of our mind.

The great thing about this is you don’t even need to believe it. You just do it and the subconscious picks it up.

So  every day say to your self for example:




Keep it simple and keep it the same. DO this every day for 5 minutes.


See yourself right now in the present doing or achieving the thing you want. Its that simple.

See it AND Feel it. Feel how you would feel if that was your reality. Get in touch with that feeling NOW as that is what you want to Attract.


The goal of this post was to act as a jumping off point for further research. So it is my hope you have here a good starting with which to further research these Laws and a clearer picture of why they will and why they sometimes do not work.

There is no escape from taking responsibility for the thoughts and feeling we allow to take up residence in our mind.

This I find very empowering as it means we can choose our future every moment of the day by being mindful of our mental state.

If you have enjoyed this post then please say hi in the comments and share it on social media.

Resources and Further Information

30 Days Of Discipline – Change your life in 30 days

The Kybalion: A Study of the Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece – This is a beautifully presented FREE version of the Kybalion.

William Walker Atkinson  –  Amazing resource all for FREE

Napolean Hills Master Key (Amazon Affiliate Link)

Thought Vibrations – Online Resource for  William Walker Atkinson explaining the Law Of Attraction.

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