STRONG Life QnA: Injuries, Life Purpose & Old School Strength w/ Zach Even-Esh

Wow I have been following Zach Even-Esh for over 10 years! People like Zach  and Ross Enamait have been an almost daily part of my training life. So I thought as my blog is all about growth and success whether it be financial or physical, why not speak directly to those who have inspired me for so long.

So here we have the first of a new series using the physical body as the vehicle for success. Here Zach Evens-Esh answers some questions that had been on my mind.

Hope you enjoy the QnA and a big thank you to Zach for taking the time to answer.

One of the things I love about the approach Zach takes to his training  and his life is the honesty. No excuses and nothing to hide. Just the consistent message that honest hard work pays off and honest hard work with an intelligent plan pays off even better.

It mirrors the message of one of my favorite books ‘Think Grow Rich‘. If we can ensure that everyone benefits from our ideas then success is almost assured.

Mutual benefit.

He simply does his best to help. As a result his athletes excel and he in my opinion goes from one success to the next.

Call me a super fan but I really get inspired by people doing what they love and making an impact. I mean there are not many people I still follow on the internet that I was following 10 years ago.

Zach is one of them alongside people like Ross Enamait. In fact I found Zach originally due to a testimony he left for one of Ross’s books.

Okay now for some more gold from Zach.

The following video I really liked because as you know from my about page, this blog is all about Freedom, that is Physical, Mental AND Financial.

No more to be said check out this recent Stronglife  episode featuring AJ Roberts.

This episode is all about Strength Coaches being profitable or not (Though actually I think it is an episode on Success).

My favorite takeaway from this:

Good enough is the death of greatness.
Zach Evan-Esh

I think the lessons here can be applied in many areas of life and I am sure you will see some of the links on thinking to this post.

I really hope you got as much out of those videos as I did. It’s easy to get comfortable or complacent so I often listen podcasts like this do get me up to full steam again chasing my goals.

Any questions or comments please leave them below or on the facebook page.


Zach has great info on his various sites and blogs and Podcasts so I will link to some of these below:

Zach Even-Esh Website

Under Ground Strength Coach

Under Ground – Inner Circle

You can see some of his books here on Amazon.















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