IMG_5101Everything I have listed on this page is something I have actually paid for and used in my journey to freedom.

The kind of things you tell your friends about that you were so impressed with over a coffee, well that conversation is this page.

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Must read books

The following are some of the most inspiring and powerful self improvement books ever written.

Think Grow Rich

This best selling self improvement book known by almost every entrepreneur I have met and talked to.

Some used it a little, some ran their lives by it but amazingly nearly all of them has either quoted the book or outright told me to go and buy it NOW.

It really is that good and if followed success won’t be too far away.

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The Master Key

The book that Napoleon Hill (Author of Think Grow Rich) gave credit to for part of his success.

It describes the very force that lays behind those successful people we all know. It is all very practical just written in a very logical style laying out the method and allowing the reader to draw their own conclusion as exercises are completed. With this just like Think Grow Rich it is a book of action. Learn, implement and observe the results.

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30 Days Of Discipline

30dodbigIt is a challenge. It is a bootcamp that you put yourself through. A way to discipline yourself, a way to tame those bad habits and institute new, Ass-kicking habits.

To get the full benefit of the program requires work on your part.

The only way you will succeed is to follow the instructions and MAKE THE DECISION to go through with it. Decide to never quit.

After having followed the book I can say it delivers, it’s simple but it works extremely well!

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Mind Power Into The 21st Century

In Mind Power Into the 21st Century, John Kehoe has put it altogether into a guide we can use right now written in a normal down to earth style. It shows you all the steps to change your mind, program the subconscious and see our reality transform.

This is one of the best books written in recent years explaining actually how to do this stuff for us normal people. This was the difference between me thinking I was doing it right and knowing I was.

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As A Man Thinketh

This is another classic. It follows a similar approach to the Master Key and Think Grow Rich but does it very quickly and straight to the point.

Because of this it is not a long book but I still believe something well worth having on the shelf to ponder over year after year.

Get As A Man Thinketh Here On Amazon

Tibetan Book Of Living And Dying

This is an absolute classic and though the title might sound depressing or out of place, I think once it has been read you will know why I included.

What this book does is totally change our idea of how to deal with death. It doesn’t try tell us how things will be and you certainly don’t need to be Tibetan or Buddhist to get benefit.

It reminds us in the West to see and acknowledge death during our lives rather than trying to forget it until it finds us or those we are close to.

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Language Learning

I include here are mix of resources that I have found useful in language learning. They all aim to get you speaking ASAP.

Chinese Pod 

These guys are super awesome. Not only are they as nice and friendly in real life as they appear on their videos but the material is really useful and fills in many of the gaps discovered in daily life. Excellent for understanding how to put it all together.

Get it Here

Fluent In 3 Months

This is the site of Benny Lewis. The inspiration for the challenge. His forum is a great place to keep yourself accountable and build confidence in your language learning.

Watch his welcome video here.

Glossika Mass Sentence Training

This is what has made all the difference for me. Using mass sentences allows me to learn lots of new words and easily remember the vocab and the usage. Absolutely ground breaking program from Mike the founder.

Get it Here

Mimic Method

Musical accent-training is a one-stop shop for everything a language learner needs to get months of practice speaking their target language. Honestly this guy! He speaks multiple languages looks like a model and has an awesome video on his page showing how his method works…I am honestly not jealous

Get it Here



The Earnest Affiliate

This is founded by Johnny FD, well-known blogger and successful Dropshipper. I first became aware of Johnny prior to joining Drop Ship Lifestyle and have been following his blog and income reports for over a year now.

When I saw what he had going with his blog I though maybe it was time to get involved with Earnest Affiliate.

He blogs about his life which consists of earning his money via online business and traveling the world sharing his experiences with us the readers. I thought how great is that to share your genuine interests and passions in life and actually get paid to do so.

That is a good description of what Earnest Affiliate is about. There is no fakery, its just putting out there on our blog what we are truly passionate about and connecting with like minded readers. So anyone a little jaded from the whole make money on line niche might feel a sense or relief after having a look at Earnest Affiliate.

So anyone a little jaded from the whole make money on line niche might feel a sense or relief after having a look at Earnest Affiliate.

It’s all in the name, it’s about being ‘Earnest’ in what we recommend on our blog hence the pledge.

Being real, being sincere, being Earnest.


Dropship Lifestyle

This was my first jump into a proper online business. The course teaches you everything from niche selection, building your shopify store, contacting suppliers, how to use Google Adwords & Bing  and a whole host of other things as more is being added all the time.

The whole course and the members area has also had a big revamp and its more like an e-commerce university now.

If you are on a budget then I would say don’t get this, wait until you have consistent streams of income, as you will have ongoing costs just like any real life business primarily from driving targeted traffic.

But if you have the money to invest 3-6 months in building up your online asset then Drop Ship Lifestyle could be the start of an amazing journey.

Add to the material and training you get which is already awesome, you also have an amazingly talented community (worth the price of admission) who are all there to build their dreams – Financial Freedom.

Sign up to Drop Ship Lifestyle here.

Take the 10 Day Course here.

Strength, Conditioning, Mobility

Head on over to the Start Here page to get a definition of Physical freedom from my perspective.

What follows are recommendations in how to go from just starting, developing strength, conditioning and mobility  and then moving toward more specific attributes and abilities like max strength training.

Primal Stress


This program honestly covers everything. With some of the previous Scott Sonnon programs he sometimes had more focus on conditioning or mobility with less focus on strength.

Well this program for me put it all together. As being a martial arts teacher in Taiwan in the past I needed to make sure I got my own strength and conditioning training in every day. But doing multiple programs for different  goals burns through your day.

I just didn’t have the time to do multiple sessions and honestly even if I had the time I didn’t want to! I live on a tropical Island I want time to go out and see it.

So Primal Stress really does cover  everything I said it did in my unsolicited testimony to Scott.

RMAX Primal Stress 2016-06-11 14-38-54

My only advice is follow the program. It is built to help you optimize your training even down to the release of hormones in the body and how we can stimulate this.

You can see some of the system in action in this flow video.

It’s plug and play so follow Scott as he leads you through each 28 day training cycle.

Get Primal Stress here.