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Best Books On Self Improvement

Self Improvement books, I love them. Back before the Internet we would read dead trees!

I would spend hours upon hours sitting in book shops ‘browsing’. Meaning I would find a nice chair with a stack of books and read for far too long.

A wonderful way to spend a rainy day!

What follows are some of my favorites of what I consider must reads in the areas of Financial, Physical and Mental Freedom. ( I will be adding to this post so what started with 10 could be 100 by the time you read this!)

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1. Think Grow Rich – By Napoleon Hill

This is the book that nearly every mentor I have spoken to has either been inspired by or actually runs their business and life by! The principles given are that powerful when action is taken.

Napoleon Hill was one of the first to ask what makes a winner? He found out, tested it and gave it to us all in this book.

This book does far more than talk about money. It reveals the steps to take to be a winner in any area of life.

Showing  us how to plan, make decisions and then onto tougher lessons such as how to persevere,  change our thinking,  use auto-suggestion to create new skills and overcome our fears. Get it here.

2. Master Key – By Charles Haanel

The book that Napoleon Hill (Author of Think Grow Rich) gave credit to for part of his success.

It describes the very force that lays behind those successful people we all know. It is all very practical written in a very logical style laying out the method and allowing the reader to draw their own conclusions as exercises are completed.

With this just like Think Grow Rich it is a book of action. Learn, implement and observe the results. Get it here.

3. Mind Power – By William Walker atkinson

This is an absolute  monster of a book. Showing some of the personality of the author William Walker Atkinsons work. It brings together some of his earlier books and includes them in this massive (over 400 pages) masterpiece.

In this culmination of his life’s work he covers everything from the very practical problems such as ‘how to make money all the way up to more esoteric methods of crafting the perfect personality.

Amazing work. Though I believe most appreciated after careful study of the first two books on this list.

He speaks from experience having lost everything before applying these principles and regaining it all. Get it here.

4. 30 Days Of Discipline

30dodbigThis is short sharp shock to the system.

Like medicine it might not taste nice but it gets the job done. This book rebuilds your mentality and physical prowess over 30 days.

It instills in you constructive habits that make you a winner and rids you of all the habits that were making you a looser.

Sounds harsh? I know but that is the style of the book.  I highly recommend it as if you need a breakthrough this might be way to get it. I actually found the author of this book while researching entrepreneurs who had used Think Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

Because guess what the author of 30 Days Of Discipline also had his life changed by Think Grow Rich! Get 30 Days Of Discipline here.

5. The 4 Hour Work Week

How could I not include this! Tim Ferris put these ideas out there for the masses and made more people than ever start to wonder if they too could live this life.

Nothing really I can add, his blog is full of info like this but you have to find it first as he has huge amount of info on his blog. So do yourself a favor get the book and start hacking your life!

6. Tibetan Book of Living & Dying

Even if you are not Spiritual or a meditator you still have one thing in common with everyone else and that is that one day you will die.

This book doesn’t try to say what will happen at death or explain it all but seeks to get us thinking about this reality and that we should be mindful of it in our precious life.

Best experienced. This is a book I have brought and given away a number of times. Get it here.

7. Money – Master The Game

I discovered Tony Robbins a little late. I waited a long time before diving in and devouring all his content.

I am really glad I took the plunge with this one. This is epic and super powerful. It’s 688 pages of information you can take action on TODAY to change your life. Like a modern day Napoleon Hill! Get it here .

8. How to Win Friends & Influence People

This is an absolute classic. If you have read the Master key and Think Grow Rich then you will know the accomplishments of Carnegie family.

This is definitely one to have in your collection as it is something that is picked up again and again as the years roll on. Get it here.

9. Shen Gong and Nei Dan in Daxuan

When you read this book please remember this, teacher Serge Augier is the real deal! I have met teacher Serge Augier in London back in 2002 and have friends that currently study with him.

It all may sound like a movie but what he writes about is a reality we can all experience.

I am going to keep it mysterious, but if you like Martial Arts, Meditation, Spirituality, Practicality, Adventure and the odd beer then this may be the book you have been looking for. Get it here.

10. Warriors Guards The Mountain

The story of Alex Kozma, one of my previous teachers  as he traveled around the world meeting teachers of ancient traditions.

Some are Warriors, some healers, some more priestly but all with a story to share and knowledge to give.

Wonderful book and lots of inspiration inside for those of us who used to watch David Carradine in Kung Fu or watched Van Damme in Bloodsport.

It’s a book that inspies travel and adventure so be warned you might find yourself buying a flight after reading this! Get it here.

Thanks for reading and I hope you find these as inspirational as I do. I will continue adding to this post any books I think are worthy! So check back here in the future.

Happy Reading.

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