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Speak Chinese In 90 Days: Month 2 Update

Today I did some video of just me speaking as I thought I already have lots of partner videos for my 90 Day Mandarin Challenge.

Introduction to 90 Day Mandarin Challenge

Speak Chinese in 90 Days: Week 1 Update (Includes Video)

Week 4 Update: Speak Chinese in 90 Days

Plus it is easy  to frame a video and write a script to look good but I thought better to do something completely off the top of my head to show where I am at.

As you can see lots of hesitation and ums and errs. But I did get a point across I hope, whether it was my intended point I don’t know but sure others will jump in and tell me where I went wrong. 🙂

So what did you think? Improved? Let me know in the comments.

I mentioned an update there and to save you another video basically the update is that we are in the home straight now and all the footage from my chats will be made into something viewable and put out on or around the end of the 90 days.

I have lots of really nice footage coming plus I also have another final chat with Fiona from Chinese Pod.

The Chinese Pod update I am most excited about as they saw what I was like in Week 1 and so I really hope they see an improvement.

They are probably the best judge having seen me in person right at the start and again right at the end.


If you watched the the video you will know that I am getting excited about recognizing each word in a sentence.

This is amazing. With this I also have a new appreciation for the small talk of Chinese.

What I often would think as being nosy or gossipy is actually (unless I am getting ahead of myself!)just a way to break the ice and fill a gap.

For example people will ask if you have eaten lunch as you walk out of a restaurant. They will ask where you are going when you have a big bag of laundry and detergent.

So I appreciate this more now as I am hearing all the words and can see it from the inside of the language rather than on the outside.

Does that make sense?

Also more aha moments, so every day the more exposure I get the more I put two characters together and think aha! Like the sun is out and platform.  If I take the sun character and the platform character I get balcony.

Now might seem like nothing but that happening every day  is awesome and it also means I will never forget that because it was discovered.

One of the gems of Glossika is that it sets you up for these discoveries.

Language Partners

I am in need of a constant supply of people to practice with, so if you can speak Mandarin and for some strange reason are reading this blog then get in touch.

Resources For My Challenge

Chinese Pod  – These guys are super awesome. Not only are they as nice and friendly in real life as they appear on their videos but the material is really useful and fills in many of the gaps discovered in daily life. Excellent for understanding how to put it all together.

Fluent In 3 Months – This is the site of Benny Lewis. The inspiration for the challenge. His forum is a great place to keep yourself accountable and build confidence in your language learning. Watch his welcome video here.

Glossika Mass Sentence Training – This is what has made all the difference for me. Using mass sentences allows me to learn lots of new words and easily remember the vocab and the usage. Absolutely ground breaking program from Mike the founder.

Mimic Method – Musical accent-training is a one-stop shop for everything a language learner needs to get months of practice speaking their target language. Honestly this guy! He speaks multiple languages looks like a model and has an awesome video on his page showing how his method works…I am honestly not jealous 🙂

Free Resources

Taiwan Government E Learning Portal – Online video to assist foreigners in Taiwan to learn standard Mandarin. Surprising how good this is!

Taiwan Government – Learn Chinese in 1000 Words PDF

FSI – Rumor has it that the US Government used this program. It’s all free so take a look, it has lots of languages available with a lively community.

Chinese Pod 100 Free Lessons – You can sign up for 100 free lessons and see if it works for you. I recommend it as it helps take what you have and make it practical for daily life.

Hello Talk App – Really useful for finding language exchange partners. You can do other things but I only use it for finding new partners to speak with. Really useful tool.

Mimic Method Free Course – Take his FREE course here. Super entertaining and really unique approach.

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  • Wow Simon–quite a challenge you set yourself! You inspire me to keep learning. I’ve just found a Taiwanese woman living in Merritt and I’m hoping to set up some meetings with her starting in the fall–it’s the only way I can get enough discipline to actually do it! I’m deeply impressed with your progress–fabulous. Big hugs to you both.

    • Hi Daphne, great to hear from you.
      Thanks so much for the comment. I have a loooong way to go but definitely noticing improvement and more understanding.
      So worth it. Let me know how your progress is when you start or if you need any help.
      Big Hugs 🙂

  • Hey Simon, seeing your progress and the “Aha!” moments on your journey, is truly inspiring. I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish, however it’s become a ‘someday’ goal. Unfortunately we all know that ‘someday’ never comes.
    Watching your journey is spurring me on to make someday, into today!
    Thank you for generously sharing your progress.

  • Amazing very well done. You are doing so well. Very impressed. What an inspiration you are to fellow language learners.

  • Great progress Simon. I understood everything you were saying 🙂 And like Einstein said, ““The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.”

  • Hi Gwilym. Thanks for visiting and sitting through the video 🙂
    So true with progress comes the realization of what it takes to really make progress in this language. Stay tuned for my 10 year update….

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