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IMG_5101Welcome to my blog.

If you are here then  I am assuming you, just like me want more freedom in your life.

The way I see it I need Financial, Physical and Mental freedom to actually have FREEDOM.

This page explains a little more and provides some ideas to play with in starting your own journey to freedom.

Enjoy the blog and keep in touch.

Financial Freedom

Right now as I write this in 2016 if you want to make it on-line and work towards Financial Freedom then you are spoiled for choice.

There are is an abundance of ways to make money online. But the big question is always ‘How?’.

I am always testing multiple methods. There is not sure thing but there are methods that work already that can be modeled.

One of these is Blogging.

Why Blogging?

It is easy to enter into. The start up costs compared to other online business models or a real life bricks and mortar business are super low.

So low risk and potentially high reward.

You can approach blogging with several different strategies.

You can go after advertising revenue with Viral sites using services like adsense and, you can build Amazon review sites and drive traffic through the blog posts or you can do a more personal blog, one that builds your very own brand.

There is, of course no reason that after success in one model you can’t go ahead and experiment with the others. So after a lot of trial and error my recommendation would be to go with the building of a personal brand through a personal blog.

Why? Well you get to blog about the person you know best you! It pushes you to take on challenges and projects you might otherwise shy away from.


Personally, I joined the ranks of Johnny FD’s Earnest Affiliates.

Is it necessary for success? Absolutely not but it does short cut trial and error as Johnny has this model completely worked. out.

Simply be yourself and be earnest!

Every business model online has a long and a short way of doing things. You learn a lot making mistakes and going the long way on your own.

But sometimes you also just want to see the money start coming in, that’s the time to model or get involved with someone already successfully doing what you want to do.

I would also say Chuck and Andys No Brainer Profit System is also a good resource for those yet to make money online. You get a coaching call with Andy to create an action plan, which in

my opinion is worth more than most courses out there. Plus it’s FREE to get started.

The main thing regardless of what route you take is commitment. Whatever you do make a firm commitment and see it through to the end. None of the methods that work are like hitting a button and cash arriving at your door.

They all require serious work and commitment, so be ready for it, it’s worth it.

Laptop lifestyle

Action Steps

  1. Decide on a Niche – Forget Keywords just think of something you are passionate about.
  2. Get a domain name – Short, snappy, memorable and always go for the .com if you can.
  3. Work on 5 quality articles – Share from your heart.
  4. Keep doing it – readers don’t come over night as it takes time.
  5. Aim high build the visitors to your site and monetize through ads or quality products you have used.
  6. If you need help then look at joining membership course or free communities that can help guide towards success.
  7. View the videos in this post to keep you motivated.


Physical Freedom

What good is wealth if we are a prisoner in our own bodies? Frightened to move or to do an activity in case we aggravate an injury.

For many especially us hot headed men it is a case of us being strong, conditioned and fit, but, not particularly healthy. Perhaps you know people who can dead lift a pickup truck but have terrible knees and an achy back!

Their athletic achievement has overshadowed the ability to play with their kids.

A lot of this comes down to imbalances, what should be mobile like the hips is in fact tight on many adults and what should be stable like knees are being forced into movement to compensate for the tight hips.

Our bodies adapt….thats all we do. Right now we as a species at least in the West are pretty well adapted at sitting on chairs for long periods of time.

As Ido Portal says, generalization versus specialization, it ALL has a price to be paid.

So we need solutions, we need to have strong flexible bodies with exercises that help us maintain what we have and improve the rest of us into our old age. This approach seems pretty logical but so much of modern day training focuses on one or two attributes to the detriment of everything else.

Why is this important for me? Well I have been involved in Martial Arts for years now and injuries absolutely suck! They are scary and challenge your identity in many ways….the thing you always do, suddenly you can’t.

So I sought out ways to try and bullet proof my self as much as I could.

Currently I am working myself through Gymnastic Bodies. Which is truly epic but also epically boring. but as the founder says its the results you get with it which are exciting.

You can listen to Coach Sommers the founder (Also one of Ido’s teachers) on Tim Ferris blog here.

I realize as good as Gymnastic Bodies is, it isn’t for everyone. Nor for me as without additional movement work like you see in Ido’s videos or additional Martial training I felt a little restricted.

So what do you do? Take a loan and go see Ido? Put your life on hold while you train full time? No there is an easier way to get high level and balanced results.

So back  in 2013  I started looking at methods and discovered Scott Sonnon. He had a program called TacFit Commando and though a little over hyped it was great value and fitted nicely with what I had discovered about the body. The need for a balance between Strength, Conditioning, Mobility to become generalists first before specialization occurs.

It still wasn’t the same as training with Ido.  But then Scott Sonnon released Primal Stress.  I was highly impressed with this as it incorporated everything I had been looking at including training the fascia lines of force within the body.

Honestly this will helps someone rediscover everything I got from hiking up mountains all over Asia to see old Masters combined with giving a great understanding of what Ido and Coach Sommers are trying to teach people.

RMAX Primal Stress 2016-06-11 14-38-54
Primal Stress so impressed me I even sent him an unsolicited testimony! I am a Brit that doesn’t happen often!

I can’t say enough good things about this program, if you are new to training or have had some injuries then I would say give this a go at least the entry level program before you look at something like Gymnastic Bodies.

Both are awesome and will get you on the path to  Physical Freedom….

Action Steps

  1. Move every day. For every hour you are sitting get up and move for 15 minutes. If you are healthy do 10 Press ups and 10 Squats every time you get up.
  2. Make Mobility and Movement as important as Strength.
  3. Take a step back in order to go forward – If you have injuries that you have stopped you then why not try some of Scott Sonnons free training? Why not try movement? You will be shocked to see what an affect mobility can have upon structural problems in the body.
  4. Set goals – Every time you go in the Kitchen do 10 Squats. Go in the Living Room and do 10 Burpees. Keep track of it as it soon adds up.  Set weekly and monthly goals.
  5. If you have a loved one in the services then go here and download the free program. It will get the moving while freeing their body of a lot of the accumulated stress from the job.
  6. Everyone knows push ups but very few know how to train mobility. Learn how to get mobility training for free right here from Scott Sonnon.

Further Information

Ross Training

Primal Stress

Mental Freedom

Years ago in another life I worked for one of the big Pharmaceutical companies. It was the best job I have ever had if you measure it by the normal ideas of Salary, Position, Potential.

My parents loved it. But I didn’t.

I got one thing from it and that was the feeling that I knew I could get to high positions in the corporate word. It proved it to my self that I had it in me and from that I felt a sense of accomplishment but little else.

It wasn’t something that excited me or made me jump out of bed to race into work to start another spreadsheet.

So while outwardly I had done pretty well, inwardly my thinking, my valuation of myself and my excitement about life were drained and in the red.

My Mental state was not free, instead it was bound my decades of conditioning and expectations thrown upon me by society and those close to me.

At this point I started to practice a lot more seriously things like meditation that I have always been involved with but practiced far less than I knew I should.

Once I became consistent changes began. So I give Mental Freedom a high priority in my life as if I loose that then I loose everything else.

If we are sad & depressed all the time then it doesn’t take long for the whole world to look the same.

The same is true of whatever thought and feeling we dwell on. So what follows is how to first see and realize the difference a mental state can make and then how to consciously make those changes and maintain them.

Mental States

What a difference we can see in that video by Derren Brown!

Now we don’t need Derren as we can be our very own Derren Brown

I am going to try and keep this super practical.

Now lets change our state of mind. Right now STOP – Do the following all at the same time.

STOP – See what is around you.

STOP – Listen to all of the sounds simultaneously going on.

STOP – Feel all the sensations your body is experiencing.

Now has your perception changed does it feel wider, stiller?

If it does congratulations you have consciously caused a change in your state of mind. If not then keep playing with it.

Alternatively put on a song you love, watch a Rocky training montage, how do you feel? Do you feel the change?

So regardless of religious or spiritual beliefs I think we can agree that if someone is miserable we pick it up and notice. Its not nice to be around.

In the same way if someone is passionate and excited then we pick it up and start to feel similarly.

So we can do it but it requires conscious thought to overcome our ingrained habits and coping mechanisms.

For that we need Power – Will Power

Will Power & Attention

To exert Will Power we need to be aware and to be aware we need to have attention to the moment. The two are very linked.

What follows are some example so that you can see where you are at with your attention and then improve it.

Attention Exercise 1

Sit on a chair with your back straight and your hands resting on your thighs. Do not move an inch. Stay absolutely still, including your eyes.

Almost immediately you will get itches and imaginations that there bugs on you. Resist them all.

Best practiced over 10 days.

Attention Exercise 2

Pick a spot on the wall. Anything or even stick coin on the wall. Keep your attention on it for 10 minutes.

No distractions, anytime you loose awareness of the spot on the wall then it is a distraction. If the image in your mind takes precedent over the attention to the spot then it is a distraction. Be honest with yourself.

Best practiced over 10 days.

Attention Exercise 3

Get yourself an analogue clock with a second hand. Bring it close to you and fix your attention to the second hand.  Focus on nothing else for the next 10 minutes.

1st goal is to achieve 5 mins uninterrupted attention then your 2nd goal is to maintain attention for the entire 10 mins.

Best practiced over 10 days or until you get it.

There is not much for me to explan here to those who did the exercises. You will feel an inner strength/confidence/force, something tangible.

I call it the fuel for the Will Power.

Without building that force many things that rely on Will Power or even just normal meditation like clearing the thoughts are super tough and take people years to accomplish.

But with this fuel we become the Master Mind (I love this phrase coined by William Walker Atkinson).

Defining Mental Freedom

This is very simple to write but takes us all a lifetime. We all have subconscious patterns and behaviors that have formed into our personalities.

But if we act simply out of habit then we are no more than robots. So this is why attention to the moment is so important so that we may be conscious of how we express ourselves. Of what thoughts we let linger and how our personality grows and changes.

Mental Freedom is of course an endless journey. Far tricker to measure than the previous two of Financial and Physical Freedom.

All we can do is our best to become a little more conscious of our habits and aim to replace negative habits with positive ones.

Changing Habits – Auto Suggestion

Auto Suggestion or Self Hypnosis, it sounds a bit ‘out there’ but all it is is the process of consciously choosing what the subconscious takes on rather than letting our emotional state dictate what our subconscious mind believes is reality.

Once we are conscious of this process it is a lot easier to change habits rather than hoping things will change but never changing the message out subconscious receives.

It amounts to guarding the door of the mind as the old saying goes ‘ What you think you will become’.

Auto Suggestion in a nutshell.

Spend 5-10 minutes in the morning and before sleep telling yourself something in the present tense.

Example ‘ I am a happy non smoker’.

Example ‘ I am positive and successful in all I do’.

Example ‘ I am confident’.

Repeat this clearly and powerfully, feel the emotion of what your goal feels like. So feel what confidence feels like, recreate it as you do your morning and evening Auto Suggestion.

Action Plan

  1. Practice the Attention Exercises for 10 days.
  2. Now choose a quality you will defeat in 30 days, this could be judgment, being angry, gossiping etc. You must COMMIT to defeating this quality.
  3. Every day morning and night do one of the Attention Exercises (You choose though the Clock is 3 exercises in 1).
  4. Everyday after Attention Exercises perform auto suggestion in present tense. Example being ‘ I am a happy non smoker.’ Feel what it is like to be that as you say it to yourself.
  5. Expect your victory. Do the work and expect the reward.

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